• Fun Things to Do Around Taipei

    Taipei is packed with fantastic activities that are very accessible and this is one of the main reasons why I love living in Taipei. Below are some of the more popular things you can do in and around Taipei, but most of these things can also be done in the other cities like Taichung, Kaohsiung and Tainan. Hiking, Biking, Eating, Shopping, and Nightlife, ext...

  • Taipei Night Markets: A Complete Guide

    Night Markets are a fixture in Taiwan and Taipei doesn’t disappoint. Most are open nightly and offer a variety of fresh Taiwanese snacks, clothing, or fun accessories. Some markets are busy normal city streets during the day that transform to bustling markets in the evening. Others are established locations that are closed during the day but open in the evening. Night markets usually start up at dusk and continue until about midnight. Taiwanese night markets are a Taiwanese experience that is not to be missed.

  • Taipei’s Top 3 Temples

    While in Taipei, we didn’t try to see every single temple. Instead, we did our research and then strategically visited the ones that seemed the most interesting, important, unique, or some combination thereof, and I suggest you do the same. And if research doesn’t get you out of bed in the morning like it does me, you can pretty much use this post as your guide of what we believe to be Taipei’s top three temples. I mean, even if you’re templed out, you can handle three temples, right?

  • Thirsty in taipei: good bar recommend

    Welcome to the newest and best source of bar, club and nightlife listings in and around Taipei City. We are on a quest to find Taipei's greatest watering holes and will not rest until every drinking establishment, from pretentious, posh lounge to down and dirty dive, has been visited, rated and reviewed. Ratings will be entirely subjective and ratings will be out of a total possible score of 20 and will be based on the following criteria:
    5 points: Friendliness (staff and patrons)
    5 points: Ambiance (vibe, decor, etc.)
    3 points: Drink Selection
    3 points: Value
    4 points: Overall Impression

  • Hiking Taipei, Taiwan.

    The Four Beasts 四獸山 are four small mountains in the Xinyi district that overlook Taipei city and Taipei 101. Separately they’re called Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Tiger mountain (象山、豹山、獅山、虎山). Rising up higher and behind the beasts are the peaks of Nangang mountain and Jiuwufeng.