Dormitory Rooms
 Group Accomodations
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Discount Room Price

4 person room

Two Double Bunk Beds; No personal lockers
(Notice: Due to size constraints, this type of room does not have lockers. These rooms are located between the stairs and the elevator)

2000 NTD

6 person room

Six Single Bunk Beds; Six personal lockers
(Only one room of this type is currently available)

3600 NTD

7 person room

Seven Single Bunk Beds and Seven personal lockers

4200 NTD

10 person room

Four Double Bunk Beds, Two Single Bunk Beds and Six personal lockers

5300 NTD

16 person room

Four Double Bunk Beds, Eight Single Bunk Beds and Twelve personal lockers

8800 NTD

18 person room

Five Double Bunk Beds, Eight Single Bunk Beds and Thirteen personal lockers

10000 NTD

These rates apply to reservations made during the week. For weekend rates please call for a quote.
Friendly Reminder:
  • Shared Dormitories are split into three categories: All male, all female, and co-ed. Please make sure you specify which type of dormitory you want when you make your reservation!
  • Remember, all rooms are Bunk Bed Style & Shared Bathroom outside the room. If you need to have your own private room, refer to our Private Suites.
  • Each bunk has unlimited Wifi, an outlet which can use any type of plug, a personal light and a sensor activated locker programmed to your own personal key.
  • The shared bathrooms are stocked with shampoo, body wash, and hairdryers, but other personal toiletries are not provided.
  • Breakfast is not included with the Dorm-style rooms.
Dormitory Room Restrictions:
  • Children under the age of 6 will not be admitted into the Dormitory style rooms.
  • Children between the ages of 6 and 12 must have a parent or legal guardian accompany them who has also purchased a dormitory style bunk.
  • Due to safety concerns, Backpackers Inn does not allow the inclusion of extra people or extra beds in the dormitory style rooms.